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Food systems action

Learn more about how AfriFOODlinks is sharing new perspectives and creatively shifting food systems narratives

Meet the youth who are amplifying and activating food systems in their cities, and engage with their experiences.

Explore photographic submissions to our annual competitions, giving you an insider’s look into local African urban food systems.

AfriFOODlinks podcasts

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Governance and planning

Find out how AfriFOODlinks cities are using using multistakeholder platforms and learning labs to support food sensitive planning and collaborative goverance.

Enterprise incubation

Learn more about how innovative
women- and youth-led businesses are
being incubated as part of the
AfriFOODlinks project.

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Real world experiments

Explore the food environment interventions being piloted
across 15 African cities.

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Advocacy, events and workshops

From global advocacy and intergenerational panels, to trainings on market food safety – AfriFOODlinks hosts a number of webinars, workshops and events each year.

Explore and download our simple, easy-to-understand infographics on food systems related research.

Explore our action-oriented knowledge repository, aimed at exciting and informing those committed to building resilient urban food systems.

Meet the project cities.

Embedded city research

Explore insights from our diverse research teams working across 20 cities in Africa and Europe.

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City to city exchanges

Follow the city to city exchange programme thats building a global network of local governmnet food champions.

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