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Unsung heroes

#AfricanCITYFOODmonth 2024 is set to honour the hands that feed us

Change takes many forms – evident in the small actions, the everyday actions, the gentle actions and the joyful actions. This July we are celebrating the special kind of change that brews quietly in the backstreets and kitchens of our continent. The kind of actions that unfold quietly and unnoticed, until one day we look up to realise that things have changed radically.  This year, we shine a spotlight on the unsung heroes who quietly shape the food landscapes of African cities, ensuring that communities thrive and cultures endure.

A tribute to the silent champions

The 2024 edition of #AfricanCITYFOODmonth is dedicated to acknowledging and celebrating a variety of bold actors within our urban food ecosystems. From community kitchens fighting hunger to individuals reviving lost food traditions, these unsung heroes work tirelessly behind the scenes. They nourish our children, share resources selflessly, create abundance from scarcity, and inspire hope amid adversity. Their stories and actions deserve recognition and celebration.

Photo credit: Liyu Alemayehu, AfriFOODlinks photography competition 2023 shortlist

What to expect this July 

Once again, #AfricanCITYFOODMonth will be convened in alignment with AfriFOODlinks, a four-year EU-funded project which proposes a new approach for equitably feeding and nourishing cities through safe, nutritious, and affordable food . This year’s theme, ‘Unsung Heroes’ will explore the ongoing actions, both big and small, that are taking place at the city-scale to transform our urban food systems. Most importantly, it elevates the personal stories and experiences of those shaping our urban food systems.

Highlights of the campaign:

Inspirational videos: Discover short clips from the 28+ AfriFOODlinks partners, showcasing their contributions to urban food system transformations. These will be released throughout the month on Twitter and Instagram.

Creative youth stories: Enjoy compelling narratives from AfriFOODlinks youth ambassadors, sharing their unique food stories. Simply follow the #AfriFOODlinks hashtag on social media to access them.

Research insights and knowledge products: Access research findings from urban food systems across 15 African cities, through knowledge products such as infographics, videos and comprehensive State of City Food System Reports. These will be shared throughout the month, from the AfriFOODlinks Knowledge Hub.

Special activations:

“Urban Recipes” exhibition: Visit the in-person “Urban Recipes” exhibition at Food Indaba 2024, V&A Waterfront, featuring the top 10 entries from the 2023 AfriFOODlinks photography competition along with their recipes.

Photography competition: This year’s theme, “Unsung Heroes”, invites participants to submit photographs and stories of their local food system champions. Whether it’s a grandparent preserving traditional food cultures, a researcher unveiling hidden food dynamics, or a small business owner selling fresh produce, these image-stories will celebrate the personalities driving food system change. Entries open 15 July 2024, on Instagram

Virtual Webinar: Join us for an insightful conversation with local government practitioners at the forefront of food systems transformation on 25 July 2024, 12:00 – 13:30 SAST. Register here for “Exploring the role of local food policies and collaborative governance in driving urban food transitions: In conversation with Kisumu, Mbale and Milan Urban Food Policy Pact”.

Photo credit: Kenny Oni, AfriFOODlinks photography competition 2023 shortlist

Join the movement

This July, be part of the movement to recognise and celebrate the unsung heroes of our urban food systems. Use the hashtags #AfricanCITYFOODmonth and #AfriFOODlinks to add your voice to the campaign by sharing your own insights, findings and ideas – or simply engage and follow along for inspiring stories, impactful research, and exciting events. Let’s honour the hands that feed us and inspire change in our communities!


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