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Different cities and regions in Africa are endowed with diverse ingredients carefully crafted into unique regional delicacies. The food is bursting with fresh, bold and sometimes subtle flavours. The ingredients are sourced either fresh from the garden, at a market stall, the back of a pickup truck or from the basket of a street vendor.  The photo entries comprised of 3 photographs that clearly showed where ingredients were acquired, the preparation method (highlighting the energy source used) and the plating and/or sharing of the meal. The photos also incorporate the city delicacies and foods popularly known for their high nutritional value and align with the “Nourishing our Cities towards Recovery” 2022 theme.

Chilala Moco | @mocochilala | Luanda Angola
Stephane Mirimba | @thisissteph___ | Bujumbura, Burundi
Grady Lum | @grady_lum01| Kinshasa, République Démocratique du Congo
Winner Mode Nloga | @wiiner.nloga | Yaoundé, Cameroun