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Learn more about Bukavu's food system below

City overview

Bukavu is a city of 1.2 million people in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, lying at the extreme south-western edge of Lake Kivu.

The city faces significant challenges in terms of food and nutritional security. The city heavily relies on imported products due to difficulties in local food supply, inadequate infrastructure, and insecurity in rural areas. Local food production, such as fruits and vegetables, often lacks proper display and market access. Informal markets have emerged on the streets, creating price fluctuations and health risks. The municipality is making efforts to address these issues by improving sanitation, waste management, and supporting small-scale cross-border trade. Specialized services in agriculture, breeding, quality control, veterinary care, and public health are engaged in promoting sustainable solutions. The city management is actively involved in regional programs and aims to provide expertise in food supply and sanitation to enhance the well-being of the population.

  • Access to a healthy and affordable diet
  • Poor infrastructure
  • Multi Sectoral governance
  • Supply chain management

What challenges can AfriFOODlinks support with?

  • Public hygiene in food markets by providing trucks to remove waste from food markets.
  • Support for awareness of food hygiene on the markets.
  • Strengthening of networking for food governance.
  • Improvement of the food system and modernization of infrastructure (Beach Muhanzi slaughterhouse), Elakat, Kadutu and Nyawera markets by building safe and healthy stalls and the installation of a drinking water supply network.
  • Construction of cold rooms (cold chain for food preservation).
  • Support for food safety awareness workshops.



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